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Are You Aquainted with Your Pelvic Floor?

May 21, 2019



I find that most people are fairly uninformed when it comes to their Pelvic Floor health. Pelvic floor muscles are those that control the functions of your sex and eliminatory organs. While most of us recognize and are familiar with the functions of these muscles, few might realize that they too can be manipulated to ease discomfort and improve function.


Pelvic floor muscles can develop scars, inflammation, and trigger points like any other muscle. While I don't personally treat this highly sensitive area on clients, I can attest that some self exploration is extremely beneficial. An experienced Physical Therapist showed me how just some easy skin rolling at a tender spot can soften irregularities and smooth out bound up tissue. 


Start by feeling the superficial muscles right under the skin. You might not be aware of any pain until you palpate the area. It might be helpful to use some form of lubrication in this highly sensitive region. If you find a sore or tender area pinch just the skin in that spot gently between your thumb and forefinger and make a rolling motion back and forth, soon the sore spot will have diminished if not disappeared.


If you are having ongoing problems with sexual or GI issues consider consulting a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist!


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